Master Pen Kit® - Celticus Chrome / Titanium Gold Rollerball

$19.75 $7.99

This absolutely stunning, presidential style Celticus Master Pen Kit® is bold and elegant. Make a statement with a gift of affordable elegance with the classic rollerball styling of the Celticus Pen. Uses Schmidt® refills available at most fine stationary stores.

The Celticus Master Pen Kit® is available in durable Titanium Gold and Chrome plating.

Finished pen is approximately 5.75” long and 11/16 wide. Kit requires a 1" x 1" x 5" pen blank, 37/64 and 11/32 drill bit, Celticus pen bushings and a pen maker's mandrel.

The Celticus Master Pen Kit® Features:

Large Body Pen

Distinctive Design

Removable End Cap

Smooth Rollerball Writing

Kit requires pen blank, drill bit, mandrel and bushings

Detailed instructions for the Celticus Master Pen Kit® are available for download as a PDF file.