• USN CPO (E-7) Patriot Pen Clip


    The USN CPO Patriot Pen Clip is a one piece clip molded to the highest specifications. Nickel plating adorns the USN letters across the insignia. USN CPO Patriot Pen Clip shown here in stunning Hawaiian Curly Koa. Go Navy! Buy individually or use the quantity discount, ok to mix and match using quantity discounts just put the clip style quantities in remarks and I will make it happen.
    Measures approx 1-11/16 long

    Use the USN CPO Patriot Pen Clip to make your own Patriot Clip Pen. Fits European or Designer pen kits.

    All Patriot Pen Clips fit the

    Patriot European / Designer,

    Patriot Cigar, Patriot Bullet Pen, and

    Patriot E-Slim Pen Kits.

    Additional Discounts Not Applicable