• Twisted Koa™ Americana Cob


    Twisted Koa™ Americana Cob pen blank merges dyed and stabilized corn corncob and Hawaiian Curly Koa.   The Twisted Koa™ Cob blank measures between 3/4 and 7/8 inch square by 5 inches long and is an exceptional melding of gorgeous and dynamic Hawaiian curly koa and colorful Cobb. . Divided with contrasting dyed veneers. 

    Do not use on skinny pens!!  The cob design will disappear if you try to use these on skinny pens. Fatter pens like the cigar and larger rollerballs are ok...see the dark blue on the ends of the pen in teh above pic, that is the core being exposed and while a little looks cool, a lot would likely look bad. The Hamaki in the picture uses 25/64ths and 7/16 drill bits as a comparison.

    Ensure blank is secure while drilling as mixed media and different hardness of material may cause blank to move if not secured. I also like to put my blanks on mandrel and use a band saw set at 45 degrees and cut down the edges...the stop sign shape means less cutting, tools stay sharper longer and less chance of blowout. I flood the cob with CA after getting it on the lathe and again after getting within 1/8 of final diameter and lightly before sanding just to make sure the cob maintains its shape. Recommend using Polyurethane glue on the brass tube insert. I have had really good luck with these on the lathe but stuff happens, not responsible for blowouts. Keep tools sharp and pressure low. Listing is for one blank.