Twisted Koa™ on Koa Pen Blank


Twisted Koa™ on Koa pen blank merges Hawaiian Curly Koa and ...Koa.   Here I try and match up two different types and colors of koa so the pattern or grain and color are distinct. The Twisted Koa Koa blank measures between 3/4 and 7/8 inch square by 5 inches long and is an exceptional melding of gorgeous and dynamic Hawaiian curly koa and Koa. . Divided with contrasting dyed veneers.  I also like to put my blanks on mandrel and use a band saw set at 45 degrees and cut down the edges...the stop sign shape means less cutting, tools stay sharper longer and less chance of blowout. Recommend using Polyurethane glue on the brass tube insert. I have had really good luck with these on the lathe but stuff happens, not responsible for blowouts. Keep tools sharp and pressure low. Listing is for one blank