Teacher's Pen Kit Blowout ...Discontinued Item sold As-Is

$3.99 $1.24

Teachers Pen Kit Blowout Discontinued Item sold As-Is: ...Even if you are not in the profession, you will enjoy the double-tipped black and red ink design of the Teachers Pen. Independent mechanisms allow for operation of one or both inks with a simple twist of the wrist. Turners usually use a dark wood for the black ink side and a reddish wood or acrylic for the red ink side of the pen. Get creative with the center section as well with a neutral base and tie it all together with some black and red laminates in the middle. Accepts Fisher® multi-action mini style refills.  Use the 4 piece teacher bushings or multiple slim bushings will work as well. Available in Gold, Chrome and Black Chrome (powdercoat) finishes.

Approximate Finished size- 3/8" x 5 7/8" long. 

At these prices sold as-is...just the transmissions alone are worth the price...refills are not guaranteed due to time in storage. Refills available at most stationary stores or on Amazon at reasonable prices..If no 20% off code is listed on the homepage then there is usually a 10% off code that will make the pens $1.12...99 cents when 20% off sale is active.  Still a huge bargain.