Teacher's Pen Kit Blowout - .99 cents with code...Discontinued Item

$3.99 $1.24

Teachers Pen Kit Blowout Discontinued Item: ...Even if you are not in the profession, you will enjoy the double-tipped black and red ink design of the Teachers Pen. Independent mechanisms allow for operation of one or both inks with a simple twist of the wrist. Turners usually use a dark wood for the black ink side and a reddish wood or acrylic for the red ink side of the pen. Get creative with the center section as well with a neutral base and tie it all together with some black and red laminates in the middle.

Accepts Fisher® multi-action mini style refills.  Use the 4 piece teacher bushings or multiple slim bushings will work as well.

Available in Gold, Chrome and Black Chrome (powdercoat) finishes.

Approximate Finished size- 3/8" x 5 7/8" long. 

At these prices sold as-is...just the transmissions and tips alone are worth the price...I throw in extra refills and recommend the inside of a flat rate envelope to get them to start up once you remove the wax covering but extra refills are not guaranteed due to time in storage. Refills available at most stationary stores..