Star-Studded Patriot Cigar Pen Kit (Gold and Chrome)


Gold Fireman is Out of stock until further notice.  Will try and get these back in stock ASAP.

The Expeditionary and Parachute Clip doesn't fit the cigar as it didn't come in with adequate standoff, all others work perfectly. This WoodPenPro exclusive designed Patriot Cigar combines the best attributes of the cigar pen along with a multitude of clip options. The Patriot Clip Adapter (PCA) will allow you to use virtually any Patriot / European / Designer clip on the market and affix it to the bold, wide-bodied and manly cigar pen without drilling, modification or damage to the clip.

Not all clips are available in all colors..refer to the individual custom clip section if in doubt. These insignia match those worn by our dedicated military personnel and therefore have similar finish characteristics.

The PCA makes adding a Patriot Clip to a cigar pen a breeze! Sculpted to merge the clip styles effortlessly while maintaining the patriot theme; finished with a matching color star adorning the end cap. The Patriot Cigar Pen Kit comes with the Cigar Kit Components, Clip Adapter and Patriot Clip of your choice.

Uses a 10mm or 25/64th drill bit and requires a 5 x 3/4” blank; finished pen is approximately 5.75” long.

NOTE: Remove the star-studded end cap before pressing the clip mounting assembly into the finished blank to avoid any potential damage to the star.

Large Body Pen

Distinctive Design

Durable Mechanism

Includes Kit, Clip Adapter and Custom Clip

Kit Requires pen blank, drill bit, mandrel and bushings

Includes the Patriot Clip of your choice.

For large quantities, put specific style/quantity required in the comments field on checkout.

Matching clip and kit color will be sent unless specified in remarks section or followup email.(i.e., if you order a gold kit and 0-6 clip, you will get a chrome kit and chrome eagle since the 0-6 is only available in chrome).

Additional Discounts Not Applicable

USMC product no longer available due to the additional expense and hassle of doing business with the USMC