Stabilized / Dyed Big Leaf Maple Burl Wood Pen Blanks


Pressure and vacuum impregnated with durable polymers to provide a stable material and heirloom worthy pen blank. Stabilized and Dyed Big Leaf Maple Burl is a gorgeous hard wood with beautiful texture and amazingly twisted grain streaked with superb curl and dotted with amazing eye patterns.

Available in Deep Blue, Forest Green, Black Pearl, Natural and Red Rocket. Stabilized Maple Burl will make beautiful pens and polishes like a dream. The polished satin finish above was done by polishing using micro-mesh pads only, imagine how spectacular a gloss finish will look. Maple is a dense wood so there is no way to guarantee how deep the dye has penetrated and the color affects may disappear before you have reached final diameter. Most woods are being discontinued so as I run out I am not replenishing. Sorry for the inconvenience but wood has become crazy expensive.

3/4” x 3/4” x 5” Blanks