Skyline Ballpoint Pen Kit


The Skyline Pen is an improved version of the 7mm Foreman Pen with quadruple rings around the centerband and the ball tip styled clip. The simple design virtually ensures success and really makes pen turning a joy. The Skyline Pen also uses the standard pen mandrel, the Foreman Pen bushings and 7mm drill bit. The Skyline Pen Kits are supplied with a Cross® style refill for consistently flawless writing. Instructions are downloadable online. The Skyline also comes standard with an additional Ambassador clip from the base model, so you have a nice clip to swap out on some other basic slim.

Finished Pen Size: 5/16" x 5 1/4" long 

Desired Blank size: 1/2" x 5"

Detailed instructions for the Skyline Pen Kit are available for download as a PDF file.

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