Shell Shocked Abalone Pacifica Pen Blank


The Shell Shocked Abalone Pacifica Pen Blank is made by affixing small pieces of Abalone shell around a base tube and then covering with a glossy casting resin. The resin dries clear, is UV resistant and fairly easy to work. The result is a pen that is exceptional and requires no turning tools.* Polish with WPP Micro-Mesh® polishing pads and you have a pen you can be proud of.

Pen Kit available is the Retro Pacifica, not the Petroglyph Pacifica shown below.

Pen blanks fit any of the Pacifica Series Pen Kits and most others based on a 27/64" drill bit / tube.

* See Instructions for Details.

Download Shell Shocked Abalone Pacifica Pen Kit Instructions in PDF format.

Download Shell Shocked Abalone Pen Blank Instructions in PDF format.

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