Patriot E-Slim Pen Kit (Patriot Clip Included)


Gold Fireman is Out of stock until further notice.  Will try and get these back in stock ASAP ....The 7mm Patriot E-Slim Pen Kit is the perfect combination of a European and Slim Pen Kits. A slightly wider body gives a much better feel and the elimination of the tenon makes this a much easier pen to make -- no gluing!

Not all clips are available in all colors..refer to the individual custom clip section if in doubt. These insignia match those worn by our dedicated military personnel and therefore have similar finish characteristics.

The Patriot E-Slim Pen Kit accepts all WoodPenPro Patriot Pen Clips and is available in 10k Gold or Chrome plating for years of dependable use. The Patriot E-Slim Pen is shown below in gorgeous Aquamarine Flake and Cappuccino Swirl.

Finished pen is approximately 5.75” long and 7/16th wide. Pen Kit requires a 1/2" x 1/2" x 5" or larger pen blank, 7mm drill bit, E-Slim bushings, and a pen maker's mandrel.

Includes your choice of Patriot Clip;

Perfect Midsize Body Pen;

Distinctive Design;

Kit Requires pen blank, drill bit, mandrel, and bushings.

Detailed instructions for the No Tenon E-Slim / Patriot E-Slim Pen Kits are available for download  as a PDF file.

Matching clip and kit color will be sent unless specified in remarks section or followup email (i.e., if you order a gold kit and 0-6 clip, you will get a chrome kit and chrome eagle since the 0-6 is only available in chrome).

Additional Discounts Not Applicable

Sales of USMC items terminated due to the hassle and expense of doing business with the USMC