Patriot Bullet Pen Kit Patriot Clip - Chrome and Gold Kits Available


Gold Fireman Clip is Out of stock until further notice.  Will try and get these back in stock ASAP.          Gold and Chrome kits in stock.

The Patriot Bullet Pen Kit with Patriot Clip captures the time honored traditions of our military men and women along with the strategy of battle as we take the fight to them in this Global War on Terror. Designed to accept any of the WoodPenPro Patriot Clips, the Patriot Bullet Pen is certain to please.

Not all clips are available in all colors
..refer to the individual custom clip section if in doubt. These insignia match those worn by our dedicated military personnel and therefore have similar finish characteristics.

Adorned with your favorite branch of service, rate or rank, this pen will wow them. Pen turners have struggled to make pens from actual shell casings -- mostly with mixed results -- the Patriot Bullet Pen smooths the way. The pen is easy to make, very attractive and features a durable twist mechanism. The larger diameter 10mm tubes accommodate the popular Parker™ style refill. Add your favorite acrylic or antler of wood to the upper barrel and you have a great looking pen. Blank size: 3/4" x 2 1/2"

Durably plated in Chrome and 10K Gold and epoxy coated for years of wear dependability.

Choose any custom clip with the rank or warfare insignia of your choice. Yes, one clip of choice is included.

NOTE: . The gold plating on the bullet pen kits is a shade or two lighter than the gold clips in stock such as the Chief etc.   Probably not a huge issue for most people but if this bothers you then I suggest the Patriot E-Slim or Patriot Cigar as they have the older darker gold. Due to price increase automatic rifle is not longer included in each kit but will still be an optional clip available for selection on hte drop down menu or for additional purchase.

Detailed instructions for the Patriot Bullet Pen Kit are available for download as a PDF file.

Matching clip and kit color will be sent unless specified in remarks section or followup email.(i.e., if you order a gold kit and 0-6 clip, you will get a chrome kit and chrome eagle since the 0-6 is only available in chrome).

Additional Discounts Not Applicable

USMC items no longer available due to the hassle and expense of doing business with the USMC.