• Monster 8 x 10 x 1 Inch Acrylic Slabs

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    Approx 2 of the 35 inch long rods worth in each slab..A monster chunk of vibrant colorful acrylic for just about any job and purpose you can imagine. These Monster Acrylic Slabs measure in at 8.5” X 11” X 1” but are sold as 8 X 10 just in case the outside edges are a bit rough and may require trimming. 

    Cut strips to highlight pens or boxes; Cut 2 inch squares and glue together, with or without a contrasting center band, for amazing bottle stopper blanks... or re-saw for some of the most awesome acrylic knife handles you have ever seen.

    Three of these monsters will fit in a flat rate box. Shopping cart is based on weight and actual shipping charges may enable a refund credit upon order closeout.

    Choose From 16 Amazing Colors!

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    Acrylic Pen Blank Colors