Master Pen Kit® - Monarch Pen Kit Chrome / Titanium Gold Rollerball

$22.00 $14.99

This absolutely stunning, presidential style Monarch Master Pen Kit® is bold and elegant. Shown below wrapped carefully in Premium Hawaiian Curly Koa, it displays the breathtaking Diamond Head view and Hawaiian Flag. This Master Pen Kit® is exceptionally designed for maximum flexibility in the final dimensions as the extra thick sidewalls allow for significant depth of cut below the hardware baseline. The Monarch finish is guaranteed and is durably plated in Chrome and Titanium Gold.

Make a statement with a gift of affordable elegance with the classic rollerball styling of the Monarch Master Pen Kit®. Uses Schmidt® refills available at most fine stationary stores.

Finished pen is approximately 5.75” long and 11/16 wide. Kit requires a 1" x 1" x 5" pen blank, 37/64 and 11/32 drill bit, Monarch pen bushings and a pen maker's mandrel.

The Monarch Master Pen Kit® Features:

  • Large Body Pen
  • Distinctive Design
  • Removable End Cap
  • Smooth Rollerball Writing
  • Kit requires pen blank, drill bit, mandrel and bushings

Detailed instructions for the Monarch Master Pen Kit® are available for download as a PDF file.