• Maui Blue Rollerball & Fountain Pen Kit Set - Chrome


    NEW...Buy the set and save over $7, The Maui Blue Fountain and Rollerball pen kit set is an amazing beautiful reminder of those bodies of water that are so precious and vital to our existence. Once nearly endangered the Blue Whale is making a come back and anyone that has ever seen a whale breech up close has forever imprinted the awe inspiring moment into their Hawaiian vacation memory, The largest animal to have ever lived on earth at up to 100 feet long and some 200 tons, the tongue alone can weigh as much as an elephant and its heart, as much as a car...OMG!!  Amazing creatures.  The Blue is the mainstay of the pen design adorning the clip with a mother and calf on the cap body along with a couple sea turtle and rays. Maui Blue is postable and requires a 25/64ths drill bit,