Magnum Pen Kit


The Magnum Pen Kit is perfect for those who prefer a full figured, thick yet manageable, masculine looking pen. The 1920’s are relived in this elegant recreation of a timeless classic. Distinctive black accent bands compliment plated areas while the prominent hex shaped end cap adds a bold element.

The much improved clip design provides a much needed facelift to a timeless classic. The Magnum Pen features twist operation and is supplied with a Parker® style refill with premium Swiss-made carbide writing tip for smooth consistent writing.

The Magnum Pen is based on the Cigar Pen Kit and uses the Cigar / Samoan Bushings and 10mm bit (also 25/64ths). Instructions available online.

NOTE: If using a Pen Press with dowel rod retaining hole, refrain from using the hole to hold the tip during assembly, deformation of the tip may occur. Place tip on flat surface.

Finished pen/pencil size: 9/16" x 5 1/2". 

Minimum blank size: 3/4" x 5".

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