Circuit Card Assembly (CCA) Cigar Pen Kit and Blank


The Tech CCA is a cigar pen kit and blank in a combined kit. The Circuit Card Assembly (CCA) Cigar Pen Kit and Blank are excellent solid state examples of merging tech into art. The CCA art is wrapped around the brass tube and then clear poly resin is poured around the blank and allowed to dry. The result is a pen that is exceptional and requires no turning tools.* Polish with WPP Micro-Mesh® polishing pads and you have a pen you can be proud of. White is the only color in stock. Discontinued once sold out.

Pen Size: 5 1/2” Long x 9/16” to 5/8” Wide.

Additional Discounts Not Applicable

Items are deeply discounted and sold as is. The interior CCA design on some of the red and white CCA blanks have minor defects that do not affect the structure but may be visible and may appear as bubbles or cracks within the CCA design

*Can use various grits of sandpaper to turn since these are a bit more brittle than regular acrylic acetate blanks.  I recommend using a bandsaw to cut the edges off, making a stop sign shape, and then begin sanding and polishing. Regular tools work well too if sharp and care is used,