Awareness Ribbon Patriot Pen Clip


The Chrome Awareness Ribbon and the many colors therein represent a multitude of different meanings for many different groups. Some general causes behind these are shown here.
Measures approx 1-11/16 long

Yellow can be for showing support of our Military as well as bone cancer. Lavender is for all cancers, as well as other illnesses. Black for 9/11 mourning, as well as melanoma awareness. Pink is for breast cancer awareness. Gold for childhood cancer awareness. Dark Blue is for colon cancer awareness, as well as other cancers.

Shown below from left to right: Black, Dark Blue, Pink, Lavender, Yellow, Gold.

Use the Chrome Awareness Ribbon Patriot Pen Clip to make your own Patriot Clip Pen. Fits European or Designer pen kits.

All Patriot Pen Clips fit the

Patriot European / Designer,

Patriot Cigar, Patriot Bullet Pen, and

Patriot E-Slim Pen Kits.

Additional Discounts Not Applicable and are available only in Chrome