20 X 3/4" Inch Acrylic Rod (Super Rod)


After having set a price for almost 15 years, I have had to increase a few prices here and there. Quality Taiwan products typically do cost more but the outcome is better and so is the color in most cases. The NEW shorter lengths allow me to use the large USPS (FRB) Large Flat Rate Box and save you some shipping money domestically on larger orders where shipping is in excess of $30. The site is set up by weight the end result will be a refund on domestic orders where shipping is in excess of $30. Total shipping and handling will run about $30 per box for as much as I can get into a box.  Smaller orders will be shipped bundled and not in an FRB. For the hardcore turner. Buy the entire length uncut (a solid 20 inch acrylic rod) and gain an extra pen or two (or more) by cutting your own acrylic pen blanks to size. Super Rods are 3/4" X 20" in length.

Note: Complete rods' length sometimes vary by manufacturer and may be 19-1/2 to 20 inches in length.

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