• 2nd Class Diver Pen Clip for Euro, E-Slim and Cigar


    Navy 2nd Class Diver insignia is for those who have completed the rigorous training at a Navy Diving and Salvage Training Center. Modern dive equipment is much lighter than the old school brass and copper helmet shown but typically new divers still get suited out once so they can appreciate not having to lug around all that weight

    The elbow is a little shorter than usual so this clip doesn't fit the bullet kit perfectly but seems to work nicely on the Patriot Euro, Patriot E-Slim and Patriot Cigar

    Fits the WPP Patriot European/Designer kits as well as the WPP Patriot Cigar, WPP Patriot E-Slim and WPP Patriot Bullet pens kits.

    These were not designed for the Slim and modifying them to fit will likely damage  the clip.