U.S. Marine Corps Seal Patriot Pen Clip

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Semper Fidelis Marine Corps... The Few and The Proud now have one more way to show the depth of what it means to be a Marine. The familiar Globe and Anchor seal is now available in the USMC Pen Clip. Click image for an even larger, more detailed view.

Available in both gold and chrome finish.

USMC Patriot Pen Clips

Available Only To Licensed Vendors

See Below For Details

Use the U.S. Marine Corps Seal Patriot Pen Clip to make your own Patriot Clip Pen. Fits European or Designer pen kits.

All Patriot Pen Clips fit the

Patriot European / Designer,

Patriot Cigar, Patriot Bullet Pen, and

Patriot E-Slim Pen Kits.

Additional Discounts Not Applicable

All sales of USMC pen kits or USMC pen clips can only be made to licensed USMC vendors. To become a vendor go to


A hobbyist license is easy to get. Please send WoodPenPro a copy of your executed USMC Agreement and establish a method of payment. Verified USMC vendors may then place their orders by selecting a generic rifle clip or kit/clip combination while putting in remarks. "License on file, substitute rifle clip for EGA gold or USMC Seal chrome etc.". Sorry for any inconvenience.

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