• Master Pen Kit® - Palladium/Black Titanium Pacifica Honu (Turtle) Pen Kit


    NEW......Master Pen Kit® The Palladium/Black Titanium Pacifica Pen kit produces a classy pen with exceptional appeal and balance.  These Master Pen Kits® are upgraded with one of the most durable platings on the planet, Palladium/Black Titanium, for generations of dependable wear. Shown below in the Twisted Koa™ series in Hawaiian Curly Koa, acrylic, and colorful veneers.

    Completed pen measures approximately 5 1/2 inches long and body of just over 1/2 inch wide. A great medium body pen with enough girth to show off your beautiful creations, but slender enough to be well balanced and usable for smaller hands as well.

    Uses a 27/64th drill bit and Pacifica Bushings.